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Australian dairy can only be successful if the entire industry works together. But this hasn’t always happened as well as it should.

We’re now having the hard conversations to ensure that current and future generations have confidence to invest in the Australian dairy industry, and we work collectively to create a valued, profitable, innovative and world-class industry.

ADPF takes its role as the voice for dairy processors very seriously. We are committed to focusing on the good, and spreading the word of the economic, social and health benefits dairy processors bring.

ADPF is committed to holding politicians, industry leaders and media to account, and communicating effectively to ensure the best possible outcomes for our members and the future of the dairy industry.

The Australian Dairy Plan aims to drive a significant turnaround in the industry’s outlook through a range of bold initiatives targeting increased profitability, confidence, and unity over the next five years and beyond.

A joint initiative of Australian Dairy Farmers, ADPF, Dairy Australia and the Gardiner Dairy Foundation, the Plan aims to drive increased profitability, confidence, and unity within the dairy sector over the next five years – with key initiatives to increase Australia’s annual milk production by almost one billion litres, add $500 million of farmgate value for farmers, as well as help create thousands of new jobs. The Plan was informed by nationwide consultation with over 1,500 participants.

First published in October 2020, the First Annual Update Summary Report of the Australian Dairy Plan was released in September 2021 showing progress against the overarching goals:

  • Profitability – showed positive early signs of improvement for farmers in the first year, with an increase in the percentage of farmers who achieved the profit target.
  • Confidence – the percentage of farmers who are confident about the future of the industry has increased. While the percentage of processors who are confident is still at the target of 75%, this represents a decrease from 90% in May 2020.
  • Unity – remains a work in progress as industry works toward meeting the 2025 target. Additional data in 2022, especially from farmers, will provide a clearer, fuller picture of progress.

The Australian Dairy Plan promises to deliver on five key commitments:

  • We will reform industry structures to create a more cohesive dairy industry and strengthen our influence with key stakeholders.
  • We will attract and support new people and investment to build our industry.
  • We will increase our effort in marketing and promotion to build greater levels of trust and improve the value of dairy.
  • We will intensify the focus on farm business skills to improve profitability and better manage risk.
  • We will restore trust and transparency between farmers and processors to strengthen industry confidence.

The Milk Value Portal was a key initiative to deliver on Commitment 5 of the Australian Dairy Plan, in restoring trust and transparency between farmers and processors to strengthen industry confidence.

The ADP First Annual Update Summary Report included the Milk Value Portal which showed that 65% of respondents have found it easier to understand farmgate milk price since the website launched.

Click here for more information on the ADP First Annual Update Summary Report.

The next ADP progress report is due mid-2022.

  1. Gathered through the Milk Value Portal Survey November 2021, receiving data from a small sample size of users

Reform of industry structures and advocacy arrangements was one of the key themes that emerged during the nationwide consultation phase of the Australian Dairy Plan. A Joint Transition Team (JTT) was appointed as part of the Dairy Plan process to consider options for the reform, and includes ADPF’s Grant Crothers, Janine Waller and John Williams.

The JTT’s subsequent report and recommendations is now undergoing industry consultation through an engagement and design process led by the Organisational Reform Steering Committee, including Ernst & Young and David Palmer.

Our focus:

ADPF welcomes the call for industry reform and a new single organisation that aspires to deliver a stronger, more united voice for the dairy industry and meaningfully represents the strategic priorities of dairy processors.

There are many aspects of proposed organisational reform that fit into ADPF’s existing strategy, including trade, sustainability and economic viability, as well as delivering on Commitment 5 of the Australian Dairy Plan – restoring trust and transparency between farmers and processors to strengthen industry confidence.

The ADPF works to reflect processors contribution in a new operating model. The proposed model would help processors to harness industry-wide insights and the benefits of collaboration.

Milk Value Portal

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