Australian Dairy Industry

For an overview of the Australian dairy industry and the contribution made by dairy manufacturing, read our fast facts below.

Dairy processing generated $15.7 billion in revenue across a diverse array of products and value chains.

Dairy processing’s economic contribution totals $12.4 billion toward Australian GDP of which $3.1 billion is direct

Most of the industry’s economic contribution is indirect, with $9.3 billion in value- added supported elsewhere in the economy

For every dollar of value-added in dairy processing, the industry supports 3.0 dollars of indirect value-added in aligned industries such as raw milk and other ingredients, transport and utilities

Processor capital investment averaged $383 million a year between 2017-18 and 2019-20, accounting for around 15% of the food manufacturing total

This infographic has been prepared alongside a report solely for the use of Australian Dairy Products Federation to outline the dairy processing industry’s footprint in Australia, including regional areas.

Employment contributions

Supply chain contributions

Environment and sustainability contributions

Regional business contributions

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