About ADPF

Dairy processors play a vital role in the dairy supply chain. They are the key link between farmers and consumers, and ensure Australians have uninterrupted access to nutritious milk, cheese and yoghurt – whether picking it up from the supermarket or eating it in their favourite restaurant or café. Thanks to its dairy manufacturing capability, Australia is the world’s fourth largest dairy exporter. Dairy processors more than double the value of milk between farm-gate and the consumer.


In a post-COVID world, the ongoing and future profitability of dairy processors is even more critical. Australia is recognised as holding ‘world’s best’ status in manufacturing nutritious dairy products for domestic and international markets and the processing sector provides jobs for around 20,000 Australians. Many milk processing factories are the backbone of regional communities and are critical for the sustainability and prosperity of many regional areas.

Who we are

The ADPF is the peak industry representative body for post farm-gate members of the Australian dairy supply chain – including processors, traders and marketers of Australian dairy products – working to deliver a profitable and competitive dairy processing sector that attracts people and investment.

With advocacy at our core, we provide a trusted and valued source of advice and lead on public policy to government, stakeholders and the community, on the economic, social and health benefits of Australian dairy.


We represent our members through:

  • Advocacy and public policy
  • Strategic communications and stakeholder engagement
  • Inquiry submissions
  • Participating in industry initiatives to advance Australian dairy
  • Education tools and resources

What we stand for

The Australian Dairy Industry’s vision is to provide nutritious dairy food for a healthier world. To help processors play their part to deliver on that vision, ADPF seeks to deliver on five key objectives:

1. Increase export competitiveness and international market access.

2. Influence government policies for the benefit of dairy.

3. Be the trusted ‘pre-competitive’ voice for dairy processors and marketers.

4. Enable balanced and fair access to sustainable resources to improve Australian dairy’s competitive advantage.

5. Promote the economic contribution of Australian dairy processing and marketing.

Executive Team and Strategic Advisory Group

Our Executive Team is made up of senior leaders from the processor members we represent. All leaders in their field, our Executive Team brings a wealth of experience across all fields of dairy processing. The Strategic Advisory Group provides detailed technical and strategic input to the Executive Team informing planning and decision-making.

John Williams


ADPF President & Deputy Chair ADIC

Janine Waller


ADPF Executive Director

Matt Watt


ADPF Vice President & ADIC Director

Fabrizio Jorge

Beston Global Foods

ADPF Executive Committee

Jason Limbrick


ADPF Executive Committee

Natalie Sarich-Dayton

Brownes Dairy

ADPF Executive Committee & ADIC Director

Steve Oldridge


ADPF Executive Committee and Strategic Advisory Group

Hamish Reid


ADPF Executive Committee & ADIC Director

Anthony Cook


ADPF Executive Committee

Brandon Reynolds

The Yoghurt Shop

ADPF Strategic Advisory Group

Allan Hood


ADPF Executive Committee

Jo Rees


ADPF Strategic Advisory Group

Rohan Davies


ADPF Strategic Advisory Group

Our members

We passionately believe in the dairy industry and the economic, health and social benefits it brings to Australia. For about 40 years, ADPF has been protecting, promoting and advocating for the success of the entire Australian Dairy Industry.

ADPF represents our dairy processor members, who make up 90% of the Australian milk pool. We are completely funded and operated by our members, with senior leaders from our member organisations making up our Executive Team.

We also work in close collaboration with other Australian dairy industry bodies on key initiatives to advance the entire industry.

ADPF Members

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Become a member

Join some of Australia’s most well-known dairy processors in becoming a member of ADPF. The benefits of becoming an ADPF member include:

  • Expert guidance on issues that impact the dairy industry and your business
  • An independent body advocating to government and policy makers on your behalf
  • Access to the latest industry news through an exclusive member newsletter
  • Access to a library of resources and tools critical to your business
  • Increased profile for the contribution of your business through ADPF's strategic communications and stakeholder engagement
  • Exclusive access to industry events

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    Our partners

    Unity in the Australian dairy industry is key to future success and sustainable profitability. That’s why we work in close collaboration with our partner Australian dairy industry bodies. With the Australian Dairy Industry Council the peak national representative body of the Australian dairy industry, ADPF works alongside the Australian Dairy Farmers, with the expertise and technical guise of Dairy Australia and Gardiner Foundation.

    Australian Dairy Industry Council

    The Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) is the peak national representative body of the Australian dairy industry.

    Representing the interests of Australian dairy’s whole value chain through its two constituent bodies, Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) and the ADPF, the partnership is a unique to Australian agriculture and provides a strong, unified approach to industry and government advocacy.