Enhanced Productivity

Reducing the barriers to profitable raw milk production growth – including labour, costs such as energy, and irrigation water – is vital to sustainable and profitable industry growth.

Dairy processors need confidence in the sector to encourage ongoing investment, product optimisation and guaranteed employment.

We are working to ensure the principles and policy settings are right to reverse the decline in raw milk production and secure a sustainable and profitable dairy processing industry – one that can compete ably in global markets – into the future.

Dairy is one of Australia’s largest agricultural industries and our products are loved by Australians and our export markets worldwide. Dairy processing more than doubles the value of milk between farm-gate and the consumer.

The ADPF is committed to the livelihood of rural Australia by supporting Australian manufacturing and local jobs.

We are committed to ensuring that dairy manufacturing continues to provide a major source of employment, particularly to regional communities throughout Australia and showcasing the fantastic work of the Australian dairy industry, to help dairy processors attract and retain top Australian talent.

ADPF believes that workplace diversity and inclusion is essential in fostering happy, healthy and profitable businesses.

The importance of manufacturing for Australia has been highlighted by the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the upheaval, Australia’s dairy supply chain has continued unbroken and a highly collaborative supply chain has kept the milk flowing and provided valued dairy products to meet the needs of consumers, at home and offshore. This contrasts not just with other sectors of Australia’s economy, but to food supply chains around the world that remain deeply stressed.

The Australian Dairy Plan is a key document that will help increase profitability across the dairy supply chain. This is essential for manufacturers to enable continued capital investment and investment in innovation to continue to grow the industry so it can keep providing jobs and supporting Australia’s regional economies.

We are now pleased to share a new report by Deloitte Access Economics on the Economic and Broader Contribution of the Australian Dairy Processing Industry, that highlights the significant contribution dairy processors make to the Australian economy and regional communities.

ADPF commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to provide the first, singularly focused comprehensive positioning of the dairy processing industry and its economic contribution and value more broadly across Australia – including employment, environment and sustainability, exports, transport and regional development.

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