Report shows industry progress on sustainability

The new Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework’s 2023 Sustainability Report shows the industry’s progress towards its promise to provide more nutritious food for a healthier world.

The report outlines the dairy industry’s sustainability goals and targets, achievements and where more needs to be done.

The framework is underpinned by four commitments, which are:

  1. Enhancing livelihoods
  2. Improving wellbeing
  3. Best care for animals
  4. Reducing environmental impacts.

The Australian dairy industry is targeting a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity (from a baseline of 2015/16). The report shows dairy processors have reduced their intensity by 25.5% since 2010/11, equating to a 27% reduction in absolute emissions.

Another key target is a 100% diversion rate from landfill and processors are now diverting 88% of their waste from landfill, up 7% from baseline and 14 per cent from 2019.

Read the report.