Our Strategic Priorities

To be the trusted source of advice and strategic lead of public advocacy to government and the community, on the health, economic and social benefits of dairy, the ADPF has identified the following five strategic priorities that guide all of our activity.

Optimal Market Access

Our strategic platform: Provide strategic leadership, so to contribute to improved high value trade and market access outcomes.

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Promote and Protect the Value of Dairy

Our strategic platform: Influence food policy and regulation, so to enhance the competitive advantage of dairy products.

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Trusted Sector Leadership

Our strategic platform: Deliver a trusted and respected ‘pre-competitive’ dairy processing sector voice on key issues, so to benefit members.

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Environmental Sustainability

Our strategic platform: Provide resources and guidance, so to support achievement of sustainable best-practices and business efficiencies.

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Enhanced Productivity

Our strategic platform: Reduce supply chain barriers, so as to support sustainable profitable growth.

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