Trade & Market Access

Australia’s quality dairy products belong on the world stage. Strong foreign market access as well as investment in local markets is key to increasing demand for Australia’s quality dairy products. Australia is the fourth largest global exporter of dairy and recognised as holding ‘world’s best’ status in manufacturing nutritious dairy products. ADPF advocates for the Australian dairy industry to ensure a fair go on the world stage.

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of food security, and placed renewed focus on local manufacturing and domestic self-sufficiency.

Currently, domestic sales account for approximately 65% of milk production, so continued investment in improving the Australian dairy supply chain is more critical than ever. This was recognised by the Federal Government in its recent announcement of a Modern Manufacturing Strategy, which will see $1.5 billion provided over five years to build competitiveness, scale and resilience in the Australian manufacturing sector.

In addition, Australian dairy is an export over-achiever. Australia accounts for only 2% of estimated global milk production, but our exports make up a 6% share of the world dairy trade. Free trade provides a significant opportunity to boost international demand for Australian dairy.

To optimise local and international trade and market access, ADPF advocates for:

  • Continued removal of technical trade barriers through relevant Free Trade Agreements and freeing up international competitiveness
  • Better and fairer access into specific markets, and creating higher value opportunities
  • A favourable policy and regulatory environment for the Australian dairy industry, recognising the value of Australian dairy
  • Calling out bad outcomes when they occur

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