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ADPF is committed to telling the story of all the good work Australian dairy processors do. We are also committed to providing up-to-date and accurate information to the media to ensure dairy processors’ voices are heard.

We also curate and provide access to key Australian dairy industry events.

Recent News

Milk Value Portal launch recap: Watch the webinar

To launch the Milk Value Portal, we hosted a webinar attended by farmers, processors, government, media and industry stakeholders. The 100+ attendees heard from ADPF President Grant Crothers, ADPF Executive Director Janine Waller and Bega Executive General Manager Mark McDonald about how the Milk Value Portal works, and how it will help to deliver on commitment 5 of the Australian Dairy Plan – to restore trust and transparency between farmers and processors to strengthen industry confidence. Check out the the recording of the webinar session.

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Introducing the Milk Value Portal – a new tool to demystify Australian milk value

Today marks a new era in farm-gate milk pricing transparency with the launch of the Milk Value Portal, led by the Australian Dairy Products Federation with the support of dairy processors. For the first time, dairy farmers and industry observers will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of average Australian farmgate milk pricing and the value of raw milk, at a specific time of the year by region and key production parameters.

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