Introducing the Milk Value Portal – a new tool to demystify Australian milk value

Today marks a new era in farm-gate milk pricing transparency with the launch of the Milk Value Portal, led by the Australian Dairy Products Federation with the support of dairy processors.

For the first time, dairy farmers and industry observers will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of average Australian farmgate milk pricing and the value of raw milk, at a specific time of the year by region and key production parameters.

In addition to providing an answer to the question, ‘what is the milk price?’ the Milk Value Portal addresses ‘what drives the milk price?’, providing relevant intelligence and insights into dairy markets and supply chain influences on the farmgate milk price, first made available on a public website:

At the core of the Milk Value Portal is the Farmgate Milk Value Tool that enables an interactive experience on farmgate milk value, based on current and verified processor data.

The Farmgate Milk Value Tool uses raw milk pricing data from dairy processors and aggregates it in an easy to understand format that all visitors can easily interpret and use to gain a deeper understanding of the value of raw milk, that may then contribute to better business decisions.

This data is volume weighted so that value averages and ranges can be presented clearly, making market knowledge more familiar and accessible.

Visitors to the Milk Value Portal can select parameters to suit their needs, such as region, farm size, milk components (fat and protein content) and seasonal supply curve and discover the weighted average value of raw milk in cents/ litre or $/kg of milk solids, for a particular time of the year.

The Australian Dairy Products Federation President Grant Crothers says that the new tool marks a turning point in farmgate milk pricing transparency.

“Key events have changed the dairy industry over the last five years, contributing to an erosion of trust.

“Farm gate milk price is more complex than we would like, and many industry participants aren’t aware of the different factors that make up the market for milk at farmgate, resulting in business planning challenges.

“The Milk Value Portal is designed demystify and provide a deeper understanding of what farmgate milk price is and the key drivers.

Through the Australian Dairy Products Federation, processors are providing uniquely insightful data that delivers a deeper understanding of farmgate milk prices so that dairy farming enterprises can make better business decisions,” Mr Crothers said.

As well as having key data available, visitors to the Portal will see insights to help them understand the average farmgate milk price and value of raw milk at any particular time of the year, featuring local and global market data, and ‘what-if’ scenarios showing the impacts of changes in dairy commodity prices and exchange rates.

“There is no other jurisdiction that has anything like this comprehensive Portal, and it has been developed and paid for by processors based on the seriousness they place on farmgate milk price transparency and establishing the right frameworks to make better business decisions.

“It’s all about having a credible, single source of information on farmgate milk pricing for each milk production region in the country,” Mr Crothers said.

Harrisville farmer Paul Roderick hailed the Milk Value Portal as a victory for facts over hearsay.

“Over the years at meetings, we talk about what processors pay – but we never actually know. The Milk Value Portal lifts the curtain.

“We can finally see what different regions get paid. Goodbye hearsay. Hello facts,” Mr Roderick said.

Gippsland farmer Daryl Hoey also praised the Portal, saying it will help farmers understand how global markets influence farmgate milk prices.

“The dairy industry has become way more complex. The Milk Value Portal gives me more confidence on what is happening by showing me how the Australian dollar and world markets influence the milk price,” Mr Hoey said.

The Australian Dairy Products Executive (ADPF) Executive Director Janine Waller said that ADPF and dairy processors have joined together to create the Milk Value Portal.

“Dairy processors continue to work tirelessly to deliver on a key ADPF strategic objective of rebuilding trusted farmer and processors partnerships, along with Commitment 5 of the Australian Dairy Plan that calls to restore trust and transparency between farmers and processors to strengthen industry confidence,” Ms Waller said.

The Australian Dairy Products Federation’s Grant Crothers said that initiatives like the Milk Value Portal are helping create a more united dairy industry.

“Post COVID, we are in a localisation phase and with a strong farmgate milk price and good seasonal conditions, profitability driving growth and profitability in dairy farming, it  is a great time to shine a light on what we’re good at – and in Australia we are the ‘world’s best’ at dairy ,” Mr Crothers said.

The Milk Value Portal has been made possible by the expertise of Freshagenda, and the support of dairy processors and Dairy Australia.

Visit the Milk Value Portal at