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ADPF is the peak policy body for commercial/non-farm members of the Australian dairy industry and is open to entities operating in Australia that are engaged in the manufacture, marketing or trading of dairy products and/or dairy related products.

The principal purpose of the ADPF is to take such action which in the opinion of the Members is deemed necessary and advisable to protect and promote the collective interests of Members including:

  • Promoting the consumption of dairy products through improvements in manufacturing, marketing, trading and distribution of dairy and dairy related products.
  • Providing input into policy formulation at every level of government that impacts on the profitability, viability and sustainability of Members’ operations and the dairy industry.
  • Forming strategic relationships with the dairy industry and non-dairy organisations to ensure Members’ input on appropriate issues.
  • Developing policies and strategies that address key issues confronting members and the dairy industry.
  • Representing and promoting the dairy industry at all levels both nationally and internationally.
  • Working with governments and industries related to the dairy industry to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for the dairy industry.
  • Providing a forum for Members to exchange ideas, techniques, processes, research and other information.
  • Encouraging research and employment opportunities in all sections of the Australian dairy industry.

The ADPF shall, subject to complying with the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Vic), have the power to do all things incidental or conducive to the attainment of these purposes.